Commercial Snow Removal You Can Trust

You need your parking lots, roads and walkways cleared right away. So, don’t hire a snow plow service you’ll have to wait on. At Langton Group, we get ahead of the storm to make your lives easier.

Ready to Get the Job Done Right

Our snow removal service features everything you need for clear paths and peace of mind. Here’s how our process works:

  1. We inspect your property ahead of time and communicate with you to effectively plan our route.
  2. Our team receives advance notice about upcoming storms from our two private weather forecasters.
  3. We then notify your team to coordinate our plan of attack.
  4. Our drivers are on call 24 hours ahead of time so that we can dispatch them right away when the storm hits.
  5. Our drivers clear your property, and our dispatch office tracks their progress in real-time using GPS tracking and a Phone Call IVR system.


We have two SIMA Certified Snow Professionals on staff. Plus, all our drivers receive thorough in-house training.


Our preparation makes our work very efficient. In fact, our lots are often clear before the city starts plowing!


We communicate with you every step of the way so that you can relax and enjoy your snow-free paths!


We use a liquid deicer, which is much more environmentally friendly than rock salt, to keep roads clear.

Don’t Let the Storm Leave You Waiting This Winter

Those harsh wintery days will be here before you know it. Let our team take your winter worries away!

Need Landscaping Or Snow Removal In The Northwest Suburbs?