We are a Proactive Landscaping and Snow Removal Business!

Our story began with two hardworking brothers who saw a need for snow removal services in their community. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Joe and John Langton sprang into action.

In the beginning, the process was simple. John drove a plow truck, and Joe shoveled snow. They worked together perfectly, like a well-oiled machine. And sure enough, before too long, business steadily increased as customers spread the word. They lauded the dynamic duo for their quick, consistent, and efficient work.

Robotic Lawn Mowers Simplify Lawn Care!

Stop wasting hours of your time mowing your lawn every week. Let our dependable and efficient robotic lawn mowers handle it for you!

Robotic Mowers Mow on Their Own to Create Beautiful Lawns

A robot lawn mower can handle any property with ease. All it requires are guidance wires along the edges of the property and a charging station. Once those are in place, the mower will get to work!

The self-guided machine will mow every day on its own to keep the lawn looking immaculate!

Discover the Difference a Husqvarna Robot Mower Can Make

Our mowers do an especially good job because they are quality Husqvarna Automowers. Husqvarna has the best robot mower on the market. Their amazing machines can do all the following and more:

  • Avoid grass clumps by mowing every day
  • Mow in a varied pattern to prevent unsightly track marks
  • Handle angles up to 45 degrees
  • Fit through narrow passages
  • Cover the whole lawn using advanced GPS navigation
  • Keep you updated on its progress on your smartphone

We Offer Everything You Need to Make Your Mower Last

While an automatic lawn mower does amazing work on its own, it still needs periodic servicing to make sure it maintains its high performance. That’s where we come in!

Here’s what is included in our robot lawn mower service:

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Local Warranty with Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  • Expert Professional Installation
  • Winter Storage and Service
  • Loaner-Units Provided During Servicing or Maintenance
  • Reasonably Priced Leasing Options
  • Servicing Beyond the Warranty Period
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Warranty Coverage Available Beyond Two Years

Few other robot mower dealers offer that much dedicated care. It’s our way of adding the human element to the world of robotic mowing!

Enjoy the Many Incredible Benefits of Robotic Lawn Care

We guarantee that once you use a robotic lawn mower to cut your grass, you will never want to go back. Here is a list of just some of the many benefits of robotic mowers:

  • Saves Time – Avoid spending multiple hours mowing your lawn every week.
  • Saves Money – Because it is fully electric, you will save a fortune on gas.
  • Mows Rain or Shine – The vital parts of the mower are wholly protected from the rain.
  • Eco-friendly – The mowers emit less carbon monoxide than regular mowers and help you use less fertilizer.
  • No Noise Pollution – Robotic mowers are incredibly quiet, meaning you can enjoy being outdoors while they cut.
  • Prevents Labor Problems – The mowers are much more reliable than having a person mow your lawn. Never worry about no-shows or labor shortages ever again!

Contact Langton Group to Get a Robotic Lawn Mower Today!

We offer many different Husqvarna models to choose from. Call us today at 815-338-2630 to learn more about the products we offer. We look forward to helping you find the right robot mower for your lawn!

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