We are a Proactive Landscaping and Snow Removal Business!

Our story began with two hardworking brothers who saw a need for snow removal services in their community. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Joe and John Langton sprang into action.

In the beginning, the process was simple. John drove a plow truck, and Joe shoveled snow. They worked together perfectly, like a well-oiled machine. And sure enough, before too long, business steadily increased as customers spread the word. They lauded the dynamic duo for their quick, consistent, and efficient work.

As they took on more customers, the brothers realized that they could turn their passion into a full-time business. And so, in 2005 they created Langton Snow Solutions, a company dedicated to all snow removal jobs. However, it wasn’t long before their customers began demanding for them to branch further out. They didn’t just want their hard work in the winter; they wanted it all year round!

Once again, the opportunity was too good to pass up. So, Joe and John expanded their business to include landscaping services. But they didn’t just want to be any snow removal and landscaping company in Woodstock, IL. They wanted the newly named Langton Group to be something more.

We Envisioned Perfect Customer Service

Joe and John agreed that for Langton Group to achieve the success they desired, they needed to be different. They looked around at landscapers and snow removers and noticed a disconcerting trend. Too many companies operated with a reactive strategy. In other words, they would wait for the storm to come and then react to it.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Joe and John thought. “Shouldn’t a company make it their business to get out ahead of the storm? After all, that seems like a much better model for generating customer satisfaction.”

And so, from the beginning, we at Langton group have made it our mission to be a proactive company. We want to give our customers the service they deserve before they even ask. How this mission looks in action varies depending on the type of service we’re offering. Let’s look at a couple of services now.

Proactive Landscaping Means Curing Complaints Ahead of Time

With over 20 years of experience landscaping, Joe and John have seen it all. As a result, they know what types of things customers will complain about before they complain. They have used this knowledge to take their landscaping jobs to the next level.

One primary source of preemptive problem solving is our use of robotic lawn mowers. These nifty landscaping devices solve countless customer problems, including grass clumping, noise pollution, and labor shortages. They mow every day, rain or shine, to give you a lusher lawn than you ever imagine!

Proactive Snow Removal Means Embracing Meteorology

Joe and John also sought to be proactive in their snow removal by utilizing weather-predicting technology. Unlike many contractors, who set their alarm and react to the snow, we at Langton Group plan ahead. By researching the forecast and putting workers on call 24-hours early, we give our customers the best possible service. Indeed, we are often out clearing snow hours before the city plows even begin working!

We Deliver on Our Vision Every Day!

At Langton Group, we’re still as dedicated to providing excellent customer service as Joe and John were back in 1999. In fact, Joe and John still manage every job and inspect each task personally. And they take the time to train each employee to help them meet their high standards.

We hope we can put those standards to work for you soon. We accept both seasonal customers or per push clients. Either way, you will receive the same high level of service we give all our clients. Because at Langton Group, we always answer the phone, we never quit, and we have never run out of salt!

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