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Find All the Services You Need to Take Care of Your Property All Year Round!

There’s not much we can’t do here at Langton Group. We are experts at landscaping, snow removal, irrigation systems, parking lot sweeping, and more! And we can perform these services for commercial, municipal, industrial, HOA residential, and straight residential clients!

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Robotic Lawn Mowers


Snow Removal




Irrigation Systems

Experience the Langton Group Difference.

What sets Langton Group apart is our commitment to personalized service. While many companies in our industry contract their work to other companies, we are a self-performing contractor. In other words, when you hire our team, you only get workers that we’ve trained to meet our standards.

So, what exactly is the Langton difference? We summarize it with these three points:

  • Experience – For over 20 years the Langton name has stood for excellent service. And we are just as committed today as we were when we started.
  • Options – We are dedicated to working personally with each of our customers. Because of this, we have greater flexibility when it comes to how we serve you.
  • Investment – We take the time to invest in our workers so that they can make your investment worthwhile. Our team is built on support, unity, and a high-performance culture.

Find the Perfect Service for Your Needs.

So, now that you understand our commitment to quality, how can we help you? Explore the services below to learn more about all we have to offer.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Part of what makes our landscaping services so revolutionary is our use of robotic lawn mowers. These nifty machines are much more reliable and efficient than human-operated mowers. They mow every day rain or shine and solve several common landscaping problems.

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Snow Removal

The Langton brothers have offered snow removal services in Northern Illinois for over 20 years. We cover everything from salting surfaces to pushing, removing, and relocating snow. Furthermore, we have the best equipment and a motivated labor force to handle any winter weather.

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We specialize in full-service landscaping, including lawncare, brick and stone, retaining walls, and more. Our team can turn your property into an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor estate that will impress guests, customers, or neighbors.

Click here to learn more about our landscaping service.

Irrigation Systems

For over ten years, Langton has produced irrigation systems for farms, residential communities, commercial properties, and municipalities in Chicagoland. We offer premium irrigation services that help our customers sustain flourishing soil, grass, plants, crops, and fields.

Click here to learn more about our irrigation systems.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Many businesses do not have the time or resources to clean their parking lots. As a result, their lots quickly become unsightly and hurt their company’s image. To combat this problem, we offer nightly parking lot sweeping to keep up with the litter problem.

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Whether it’s covered in shaggy grass or two feet of snow, we want to make your property shine! We offer services on a seasonal or one-time basis and flexible appointments to work with your busy schedule. And although we’re located in Woodstock, IL, our service area stretches out to Chicago and Rockford!

Give us a call today at 815-338-2630 or by email at langtongroup@att.net for a free estimate!

About Us

Langton Group is located in Woodstock IL. We are a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. We have been in business since 2005; for these years we proved that Langton Group is name of honest and professional landscaping contractors and services.