Welcome to the Future of Landscaping and Snow Removal!

At Langton Group, we have our fingers on the pulse of the landscaping and snow removal industries. Unfortunately, what we’ve found is most companies are sadly out of date. They’re still shortchanging their customers with inefficient riding mowers and ineffective snow removal strategies. In a world where amazing technologies like robotic lawn mowers exist, these practices are unacceptable.

Yes, you heard us right, robotic lawn mowers. At Langton Group, we believe in the power of new technology to revolutionize our industry. For this reason, we use robotic lawn mowers in our landscaping and advanced weather tracking techniques in our snow removal.

Read on to find out what the future of landscaping and snow removal looks like. And call us today at 815-338-2630 to bring the future to life at your home or business!

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13:31 02 Jan 23
Awesome people, they make it happen.
Dave PiersallDave Piersall
22:38 05 May 21
Joe is a great guy, honest and responsive.
Jim BarronJim Barron
17:01 02 Jan 21
When you're on the board for your town home association who are you going to call for all of your snow ,and ice removal? I call Langton group because they are the best. We have used them for many years now, and never had anything but a great experience. So when the going gets tough Langton will be there to make your problems go away.
Matthew StalterMatthew Stalter
19:42 13 Jul 20
My wife and I recently purchased a home in Lily Lake Illinois. We decided to get some landscaping done and called the Langton Group. They were very prompt, fair priced and have performed excellent work. I would recommend this company to anyone in the Chicagoland area!
Marty CorcoranMarty Corcoran
14:47 07 Oct 18
For Joe and all that work at Langton Group. You have done it again. You never fail to disappoint me. Job well done again. I will always use Langton Group for all my Landscape needs. Again Thank you all.

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From Landscaping to Snow Removal, Langton Group Does It All!

Our Robotic Lawn Mowers Revolutionize Landscaping

At Langton Group, we specialize in robotic lawn mowers. Many other landscapers haven’t even heard of these reliable machines, which is unfortunate for their customers. Because here’s the truth: robotic lawn mowers put human-operated mowers to shame.

These self-guided electronic machines mow your lawn every day rain or shine. And because they’re entirely electric, they’re 100% eco-friendly. Our customers can purchase or lease them from us on a service contract. It’s that simple.

In short, robotic lawn mowers will maintain your lawn so neatly you’ll swear the grass stopped growing! Gone are the days of having to wait for a landscaping crew to mow your overgrown grass. Here to stay are worry-free perfect lawns. Don’t believe us? Call us, and we’ll prove it to you.

Our Snow Removal Team Outpaces the Storm

The current state of the snow removal industry confounds us. It’s characterized by companies reacting to the storm instead of planning for the storm. Explain this to us: why do snow storms still catch snow removal companies off guard? After all, we do have the technology to predict the weather! It makes no sense.

For this reason, we’re bringing snow removal into the 21st Century. Instead of reacting to the storm, we use advanced weather-predicting technology to keep us ahead of it. So, when you work with usyour parking lot and walkways will always be as clear as possible. It’s our way of giving you a leg up on the winter weather.

Our Team is the Best in the World

We know it sounds like a cliché, but we truly believe our team is the best of the best. And this isn’t just some blind belief. Rather, we employ proven team building practices to ensure the best possible customer service.

For example, we monitor our snow removal team with a performance tracking system. Each task a worker performs gets a productivity value, and we rank them according to their performance. We do this because we know an untracked employee is usually an uninvolved employee. However, by tracking them, we can reward good performers and help underachievers improve.

As a result, we have created a high-performance culture that yields amazing results for our customers. Our team of landscaping and snow removal experts is ready to perform whatever tasks you need.

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